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Lisbon Airport

The development of airports is very important for the countries because airport provides first impression about the country and specific location to the people who travel from all over the world. If the facilities offered are good, then the overall country will be perceived better by the tourists. Lisbon Airport overview is conducted by several survey agencies to identify which of the airports are offering best services to the travelers. One of the largest airports of Southern Europe is Lisbon airport which is located in capital city of Portugal. It serves as the major international gateway and it operates with the help of two runways and administration intends to further expand the facilities.

According to the latest statistics, Lisbon airport has the ability to serve more than thirteen million customers. The entire services are aligned so that the passengers do not feel any kind of discomfort or inconvenience. Restaurants provide meals depending upon the diversity and taste preferences of the customers and enable the people to enjoy their waiting hours in best possible way. The duty free shops are also available from which people can purchase all the desired goods and services. Jewelry, books, perfumes and gift items can be easily purchased at fair rates.

People can easily access Lisbon airport by means of several modes of transportation. Since it is located almost 7 km north of the capital city, people can utilize their personal vehicles, services of car rental companies, taxis, buses and trains. Individual can select the appropriate transportation mode on the basis of preferences and convenience. Meeting rooms are also available, enabling the business officials of different countries to conduct meetings in a good environment and save transportation charges and time.

Waiting areas are also very comfortable. It provides opportunity to the people to enjoy the trip in best possible manner. Cafes and snack bars are also available and people can easily grab their snacks while waiting for the departure time. Individuals need not to worry about the currency exchange because the monetary services are available. People can exchange the currencies and easily transfer their funds from one place to another and ATM facilities can be found. In the case of any problem or emergency, people can contact to the help desk officers which help the people and sort out their queries. Telephone numbers are available on the official websites.

Lisbon airport has the competitive advantage over the other airports of region because of two major runways. Luggage storage is another offer announced and if the customer requests, the luggage is stored for them. In the cases when the luggage is overburdened, the customers can easily store their valuables and collect them at the time of return. Underground Metro train station is under construction and it helps the people to access Lisbon airport from multiple channels. The train station has facilitated the access to and from Lisbon airport. People can reach Lisbon airport within limited time frame at lowest possible rates. Parking facilities are well developed and people can utilize these services, depending upon the needs and requirements. They can select among the short term and long term parking facilities. It can be concluded that it is equipped with all the facilities which are passenger friendly.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Time Zone:
GMT +0.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
38° 46’ 53" N
Longitude (DMS):
9° 8’ 9" W
Passengers (2016):
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3,805m (12,484ft)
45m (148ft)
2,400m (7,874ft)
45m (148ft)