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Wi-Fi at the Airport

Sometimes you need to stay in touch when you’re on the move and the unlimited free Wi-Fi at Lisbon Airport allows you to do that. Whether you need to finish some last-minute business or just to contact family and friends, you can get connected, browse the web, check your emails and surf the social media.

Before 2015 you could only obtain free Wi-Fi for a thirty-minute period in any one day at the airport, after which you would have to pay for additional time. However, ANA in association with Vinci, the airport operators, realised that, with around 90% of passengers travelling with mobile devices, internet connection is a priority for them and the service was upgraded to be unlimited.

There is a fair use policy for the free service which limits the download speed. If you wanted to download HD films you'll be disappointed, but for surfing the web and social media you will find the speed is sufficient. The service is supported by airport relevant advertising.

Connecting to Free Wi-Fi

The registration process to connect to the Wi-Fi is quick and simple:

  1. Make sure that you have enabled Wi-Fi in the settings options on your phone, tablet or laptop
  2. In the Wi-Fi options, select the "VINCI Airports Wifi" network
  3. When you open your browser, you should see a welcome page
  4. If you have previously registered, you will be redirected to the Wi-Fi
  5. Otherwise, enter your email address and select your country
  6. After seeing an advertisement, you will be logged in
  7. Begin surfing!


In the event that you have any problems connecting to the service you can contact customer support seven days a week from 07:00 to 19:00.

  • Telephone: (+351) 707 502 267

Living Spots

There are also "Living Spots" in the boarding areas of Terminals 1 and 2 at which you can sit and work, relax while browsing the internet, charge your USB mobile devices and find tourist, airport and flight information.

ANA Airport App

The airport app can be downloaded free of charge on Apple and Android devices and provides some useful facilities, especially for regular users of the Portuguese airports.

With the app, you can get live flight information for your departure. You can also reserve parking, the VIP lounge and fast track through customs, find out your check-in desk and boarding gate, and even the weather at your destination. When arriving you can find your baggage carousel, onward directions and details of public transport.