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Lisbon airport is of special importance because it is the only airport operating at the capital city of Portugal. The passengers travelling from all over the world reach the airport by utilizing the services of the airport. The transit procedures are detailed therefore people must reach the airport before time of flight. In this manner, they must select the appropriate transportation solution for getting to the airport on time. People who have their personal transports need not to worry because this is the most convenient option for them. Getting to by car enables them to be flexible in terms of planning and scheduling. They can easily park their cars by utilizing short term or long term parking facilities of Lisbon airport.

Lisbon airport is located almost 6 to 7 km from the north and hence the distance of both the sides is almost same. If the people want to travel to the city from the Lisbon airport, people can take 2a circular as an exit route. The southern side is linked by Vasco de Gama Bridge. Individuals can use the satellite navigation or GPS systems loaded in the mobile devices for getting details of the routes. This is the most convenient facilities announced by the telecommunication companies.

Enter and exit areas of the Lisbon airport are very vast and they provide opportunity to the people in many ways. The parking areas are located near these areas so that people can pick-up, drop-off the people or avail long term parking facilities. If the people are coming from the northern side to the airport, they can come from A2 Lisbon Motorway. Getting to by car is the most convenient options that allow the people to reach the airport on time. The main roads are easily accessible through the airport so that the people who are unaware of the routes can easily reach their destinations.

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